Thursday, May 28, 2015

School's Out For Summer!!

Hampton had the best year with Ms. Lucy and Ms. Kathy.   Both of his teachers were the perfect fit for him and I cannot sing their praises enough.  His class was so sweet and meshed really well too.  This year Hampton has really come out of his shell and it's been so fun watching his self confidence grow.   He loves school and there was never a day he didn't want to go.  I hope this attitude continues!  We are so so thankful for this sweet year at Discovery Day School.

(Mom, don't worry, we are headed to get his haircut TODAY at 3!!)

Anne Lowry also had a great year with Ms. Kate and Ms. Liz/Julie.  Although, for whatever reasons there were some days, mostly in the beginning and after the Christmas break that she didn't really want to go.  I love hearing her talk about her friends, teachers and what she did.  If you ask Hampton what he did at school he says, "noffin" ....every time and always has!  I love getting some more details from my girl :-)  This was just a little Mother's Morning Out setting so while there was a little structure there wasn't much, but her teachers said she was always the first to start cleaning up after snack (routine) and she loved to hang her bag up and take her cup into the room to put it in her special spot each morning.  She really needs a little more than just Mother's Morning Out I think but the way her birthday falls she will be the oldest in her class and next year will just be Mother's Morning Out 2 days/wk again....eek.   First world problems folks, I know.  I'm also not quite ready to lose my little sidekick!

(I was going to give her a cute Summer hair cut right above her shoulders because it has gotten really long, but I've decided to wait till after Summer because I like being able to pull it all up on top of her head to swim)

Bring on swimming, the beach, lazy mornings and popsicles!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Funny things they say....

These pictures are from their first soccer "practice."  Unfortunately, we only made it to 3 of the 6 sessions.  Oops!  I thought it was a good experience, Brent would say otherwise :-)  Nina and Chappy were able to come to the first one.  Each session Hampton and Anne Lowry were interested for the first 20 minutes then it went downhill from there!

Anyway, like I was saying in the last post, Hampton and Anne Lowry are so much fun right now.....I've been keeping a running list for the last week of funny things they have said or random things that they like right now that I don't want to forget....

Anne Lowry calls a bank.....the "Sucker Place."  And, she can spot them from a mile away.

Both Hampton and A.L. mispronounce Banana and Vanilla.  It is  BOOnana and BAnilla.  I should correct them, especially since Hampton is in speech, but its just too cute.  I think these are my favorite mispronunciations!

Instead of a short cut....we took a "long cut" one day ----Hampton

Hampton has his first "bad word."  He uses it when he gets mad at you.  It is "Poo Poo Diaper."
Brent gets on to him for this and I was letting it slide.....however, I've started getting on to him too since Brent does because it was confusing him (meaning he was more likely to let it slip around Brent if I wasn't getting on to him too.)

Anne Lowry was wearing a dress with a bunch of birds and she was pointing and telling me, "Big bird, little bird, big bird.  That's a pattern."  She had to tell me several times before I caught on.  

The other day at lunch the kiddos were arguing about who got to sit on a specific side of their table....this went on and on until finally I just moved another chair to the same side of the table, so they could both sit there.  Anne Lowry said, "Yay, you solved the problem!"

I'm not sure I would have believed a two and a half year old said these things if someone told me, but I swear, word for word, that's what she said.  I mean, who's child is this?!?  

Both of them love to ask...."Did God or people make ____________?"  For example, "Did God make the road?"  No, people did.  "Did people make dirt?"  No, God did.  Funny thing is, I remember doing this same thing when I was a kid.  I had to have been around 8 years old doing this to remember, but I can vividly recall asking my mom if God made a telephone pole (I was sitting in the front seat too)....and just trying to sort it out in my head.

Both are obsessed with band aids.  Cure for everything.  Hampton is also obsessed with gum and has pretty much mastered just chewing it then spitting it out.  He does best with minty or "spicy" as he calls it.  I thought I was being a cool mom once he got the hang of chewing it and bought a pack of some fruity gum....well, bless it, he couldn't help but swallow it after just a little while.  So, we stick with "spicy" and he does great!

The other day in the car I was telling them to hold on to your horses as I made a turn and Hampton says as serious as can be, "I don't have a horse."  

Going to the baseball game AL says, "the teddy bear going to be there?"  Meaning the Rebel Black Bear.  She's not a fan!

I am so blessed to be called momma by these two.  I adore and genuinely just like hanging out with them.  Yes, they drive me nuts sometimes but I wouldn't trade them or those times for anything in this world!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

7th Anniversary {Week}

Last Sunday we celebrated our 7th Anniversary!!

and what better way to welcome in your EIGHTH year of marriage than 5 nights in Playa Mujeres, Mexico with a big group of your best friends (all inclusive)....celebrating the last one of the guys to tie the knot.  #holaarchers
It was seriously one of the best trips we have taken, we had FUN!  Brent and I were overdue for a tropical vacation.  Snow skiing is fun and all....but fruity drinks, sand, seafood, blue water and sunshine after a long Winter can't be beat.

These pictures are not a very good representation of our trip....I'll just let you use your imagination to fill in the gaps ;-)

Another fun little anniversary random bit was that The Krackerjacks.....same band that played at our wedding, and we haven't heard them since 5/3/08..... played at a charity event we went to Friday (5/1/15) night in Oxford.  Unfortunately, there was no dancing this go round for Brent and I.  Can't say we didn't dance in Mexico though ;-)

I'd have to say this was the best anniversary yet....well, maybe #1 was.  Regardless, it was a great week.  Head over heels for this guy.  Can't believe its been seven years.  Looking forward to the next 77!

and no need to worry about the kids....Nina/Aunt Marcy and Phyl/Granddaddy took the best care of them.  pretty sure they had the time of their lives too.  Boy do I miss them while I'm gone (like I seriously probably have a problem).  Luckily, for everyone involved I do realize how much a break away from them makes me a better momma and time alone with Brent makes our marriage stronger/better.   Also, Hampton and Anne Lowry benefit so much from the time they share with their grandparents without their Momma and Daddy around.  fun, fun memories.  I need to do an update on them because they are growing up fast.....and are sooo much fun.  We are actually taking Hampton to his Pre-K Carnival tonight.  Crazy!  Hopefully, be back soon.  This Spring has been crazy busy.