Tuesday, May 5, 2015

7th Anniversary {Week}

Last Sunday we celebrated our 7th Anniversary!!

and what better way to welcome in your EIGHTH year of marriage than 5 nights in Playa Mujeres, Mexico with a big group of your best friends (all inclusive)....celebrating the last one of the guys to tie the knot.  #holaarchers
It was seriously one of the best trips we have taken, we had FUN!  Brent and I were overdue for a tropical vacation.  Snow skiing is fun and all....but fruity drinks, sand, seafood, blue water and sunshine after a long Winter can't be beat.

These pictures are not a very good representation of our trip....I'll just let you use your imagination to fill in the gaps ;-)

Another fun little anniversary random bit was that The Krackerjacks.....same band that played at our wedding, and we haven't heard them since 5/3/08..... played at a charity event we went to Friday (5/1/15) night in Oxford.  Unfortunately, there was no dancing this go round for Brent and I.  Can't say we didn't dance in Mexico though ;-)

I'd have to say this was the best anniversary yet....well, maybe #1 was.  Regardless, it was a great week.  Head over heels for this guy.  Can't believe its been seven years.  Looking forward to the next 77!

and no need to worry about the kids....Nina/Aunt Marcy and Phyl/Granddaddy took the best care of them.  pretty sure they had the time of their lives too.  Boy do I miss them while I'm gone (like I seriously probably have a problem).  Luckily, for everyone involved I do realize how much a break away from them makes me a better momma and time alone with Brent makes our marriage stronger/better.   Also, Hampton and Anne Lowry benefit so much from the time they share with their grandparents without their Momma and Daddy around.  fun, fun memories.  I need to do an update on them because they are growing up fast.....and are sooo much fun.  We are actually taking Hampton to his Pre-K Carnival tonight.  Crazy!  Hopefully, be back soon.  This Spring has been crazy busy.

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