Thursday, May 28, 2015

School's Out For Summer!!

Hampton had the best year with Ms. Lucy and Ms. Kathy.   Both of his teachers were the perfect fit for him and I cannot sing their praises enough.  His class was so sweet and meshed really well too.  This year Hampton has really come out of his shell and it's been so fun watching his self confidence grow.   He loves school and there was never a day he didn't want to go.  I hope this attitude continues!  We are so so thankful for this sweet year at Discovery Day School.

(Mom, don't worry, we are headed to get his haircut TODAY at 3!!)

Anne Lowry also had a great year with Ms. Kate and Ms. Liz/Julie.  Although, for whatever reasons there were some days, mostly in the beginning and after the Christmas break that she didn't really want to go.  I love hearing her talk about her friends, teachers and what she did.  If you ask Hampton what he did at school he says, "noffin" ....every time and always has!  I love getting some more details from my girl :-)  This was just a little Mother's Morning Out setting so while there was a little structure there wasn't much, but her teachers said she was always the first to start cleaning up after snack (routine) and she loved to hang her bag up and take her cup into the room to put it in her special spot each morning.  She really needs a little more than just Mother's Morning Out I think but the way her birthday falls she will be the oldest in her class and next year will just be Mother's Morning Out 2 days/wk again....eek.   First world problems folks, I know.  I'm also not quite ready to lose my little sidekick!

(I was going to give her a cute Summer hair cut right above her shoulders because it has gotten really long, but I've decided to wait till after Summer because I like being able to pull it all up on top of her head to swim)

Bring on swimming, the beach, lazy mornings and popsicles!!

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