Saturday, June 27, 2015

Children of the Corn

Creepy title, huh?!?  I couldn't help myself....I don't even think I've seen the whole movie!

Back to the post....

We went to Carrollton to celebrate Father's Day and it also happened to be the first day the corn was ready.....Double Win!  These are the only pictures I took the whole day.  Looking back, I should have at least taken pictures of the Dads with their kids.  I obviously wasn't thinking very well.  Anyway, enjoy the "corn" pictures :-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kinda a BIG deal!

This kid....

started JUMPING into the pool


even doing FRONT FLIPS off the side into the water while we were at the beach!!

People, this is major!!  When we got to the beach he still did not like water even being splashed near his face :-)  The first night at the pool....he just started jumping in where he could touch and eventually moved to the deeper part.  Once he went under that first time there was no turning back....he never looked back.  It is so much fun watching him conquer his fears and grow up!

This week Hampton and Anne Lowry have been doing swimming lessons and after only 3 days......

Hampton is legit swimming!!  Although, we are still practicing how to come up for a breath then keep swimming :-)

Anne Lowry  +  Swim Lessons  =  Big Waste of Money
(she doesn't even want to stick her face in the water)

Friday, June 19, 2015

June Beach Trip

Last week we went to the beach with my family.  Sadly, Brent had to work and couldn't come.  We had a great time but missed him!  This was by far the easiest year at the beach (re: my kids).  I could take them to the pool and I didn't even have to get in every time .  Can I get a hallelujah :-)

watching Baby Rush get a bath....he was quite the hit!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pig Jam III {Memorial Day Weekend}

Pig Jam III was another success!  They just keep getting better and better!!  This is truly a weekend we look forward to all year.  I'm missing pictures from our girl's night on Friday (boys camp out to cook pig) and pool party at the Martin's new crib on Sunday.  A full, fun weekend!

Love these friends!  Someone described our group as "Lighting in a Bottle."  How lucky are we!