Friday, July 24, 2015

Hardin Beach Trip

Whew, sorry for the absence....there is lots to catch you up on ;-)  But for now I wanted to go ahead and get some pictures up from our week at the beach with the Hardins.  We had a great time.  Hampton is still a little fish and definitely our beach bum....he is also all about his daddy and doing big boy/brave  stuff right now (he also ended up with his first case of swimmer's ear on the last day)!  Anne Lowry is definitley our strong-willed child (Lord help me!) who just tolerates the beach mostly for the snacks!  Don't get me wrong, she enjoys it...but if there is an opportunity to go back to the room, she'll probably take it :-)

Enjoy the first round of pictures...still have another camera of pictures I need to upload...

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