Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Hardin Caboose...

Due February 6, 2016

That's right, NUMBER THREE is on the way and we couldn't be more excited :-)

Here's a little glimpse into what's been going on...

5/27/15--  Found out I was pregnant!  Still very early, but I couldn't wait any longer to take a test.
Craving avocado which is weird for me.

6/15/15 --  Our first little sneak peak. Baby's heart rate was 117.  Feeling tired but not too bad.  A tad nauseous at times but nothing major.  Helping with VBS this week at our church....NOT A GOOD IDEA at this stage of pregnancy!  Officially don't care for coffee.  This is the sure tell sign I'm pregnant EVERY time!

6/29/15 --  8 weeks 3 days.  Heartbeat 171.  Up 2lbs.  Caving Taco Bell, single serve instant mashed potatoes and frozen chicken pot pies  (yuck, I know)!  Officially tired.  Thank goodness it's Summer.  However, I actually feel worse when I sit around doing is kind of a cruel joke!

7/27 --  I can't find our 12 wk ultrasound.  Heart rate was 154 and the baby looked great.  My BP was 104/64 and zero weight gain!

8/13 --  Felt the first flutter!  Then did not feel anything for at least a week.

8/24 --  16 wk appt. (no pictures).  Baby heart rate 145.  Up 4 lbs.

Starting about 18.5 weeks I started feeling movement pretty much everyday.  This is absolutely the best, my favorite!  9/10/15 (one day before 19 wks, Brent felt baby kick).

And now we are over half way there.  This is our latest picture from the big 21 week anatomy scan (9/25/15).  Everything looked great as far as the baby goes.  So thankful!  Being in the medical field we definitely do not take this for granted.  However, they did see that I had a "low lying placenta."  This just means that it is attached very close to my cervix.  We will check it again in 4 weeks.  The doctor said 90% of the time it will raise up as my uterus gets bigger and is nothing to worry about....but if not and I start bleeding it means bed rest.  I'm not even sure what else it would mean but I'm not going to worry about it unless I have to......there is nothing I can do to help it at this point.  And all I have to say, ain't nobody got time for bed rest so I'm just praying it will move away from the cervix!!  Baby's heart rate was 137 (these are the lowest heart rates out of any of my pregnancies).  Up 11lbs.  Feeling good but still TIRED!

So, is it a BOY or GIRL????  We won't know till February when he/she decides to come!  That's right, we did not find out this time....eeeeeek!!  

Already so in LOVE with this little nugget!!  

Be back soon...I've got a birthday party for a special little princess to get ready for :-)

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Mandye said...

Congrats! Happy for you guys!
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