Friday, November 6, 2015

25/26/27 Weeks!

I am 27 weeks today, Hello Third trimester!

Absolutely crazy to think that this baby will be here in 13 weeks or less and with the holidays coming up....I know it will only seem to go faster.  I need the "nesting" urge to kick in soon :-)

Weight gain?  up 14lbs (at my 25 wk appt)

Maternity clothes? mostly.  still can squeeze into my gym clothes pretty comfortably too.

Sleep? Just in the last couple weeks I have started sleeping a lot better.  Am I the only person/Mom that LOVES time change?!  

Movement? Yes, been feeling this one move for a while now.  Some days he/she moves a lot more than others.   One of my favorite things in the world!

Food cravings?  Any and everything :-)  Definitely, loving my SWEETS but also loving turkey sandwiches from Subway with lots of pickles and mashed potatoes :-)

What I miss?  Drinking all the coffee I want!  I am also starting to miss the occasional glass of wine....up until now I have not missed it at all, which in my other pregnancies I am pretty sure I was already missing it!

What I am looking forward to? Delivery Day and finding out if its a Boy or Girl, of course!!!  Also, really looking forward to our trip to New York next week!!

Other thoughts.  Just in the last couple weeks I have started feeling pretty good.  I wouldn't say awesome though.  This pregnancy has definitely been the hardest on me out of all three.  Overall, just more tired, uncomfortable and crampy if I do too much.  I'm sure a lot has to do with having a busy 4 and 3 year old while being pregnant, but I also think just being "older" (32) has a lot to do with it.  Seriously. 

Here's our little bundle of love at 25 weeks...
Heart rate was 148

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