Thursday, November 19, 2015

ShoeBox Week!

You have only got a couple more days to fill those boxes...

This is one of my favorite traditions.....I didn't take them shopping with me for the things to put inside of the box (I kind of ran out of time....and I also wasn't feeling up to dealing with the meltdowns of why they couldn't get a toy too :) but I did let them fill the boxes with the stuff I had picked out.  And, only a few tears were shed in the process.  I can tell they are starting to grasp the fact that not every kid is as fortunate as they are.  

Please excuse the pictures this year....I tried on two separate occasions to get a decent picture but they were not feeling it.  I would not even include them in this blog post but it's kind of a tradition :-)  

We started in 2012...

Hard to believe that next year we will have another little person in these pictures.  

Looking forward to the holidays....starting with Thanksgiving.  

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