Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Years, Ole So Sweet

A Sugar Bowl Victory and our First (and Last) vacation as just a family of FOUR :-)

Y'all, I thought Brent had lost his mind when he came up with the idea of a "family vacation" to the Sugar Bowl......3 nights including New Year's Eve/New Year's day in New Orleans with both kids and another one that I am currently incubating (35wks).  Well, turns out that it was actually a pretty great idea.  We ALL had a blast and I'm so glad we brought the kids!  They are actually at really fun ages and did great.  This trip made me look forward to taking a lot more fun trips with them......oh wait, we are about to start over with a newborn, eeeek--never mind--maybe in another three years!

We did a nice dinner at Irene's the night before New Year's Eve, aquarium, Jackson Square, the trolley, Cafe DuMonde and of course the big football game.  Add to that, the hotel had an escalator and glass elevator (if you ask Hampton and Anne Lowry these were their favorite things about the trip) the kids were in heaven!  Oh, and they thought the taxi ride was pretty great....go figure!!

Stay tuned for Brent's next great idea (that he's convinced me to go along with)....our first Family of Five vacation to Nashville in March (the baby will be 6 weeks old) for a Urology Conference.  Hmmmm....I'll be sure to let you know if it was another success or complete disaster ;-)  Love Him!!

Happy 2016!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

More Christmas



Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas in Carrollton

I did not do a very good job taking pictures this year....I blame it on being 34 weeks pregnant at the time.  I can't get around quite as quickly (it is probably time for a bump picture ;)  Anyways, enjoy the ones I did manage to get!

Patiently waiting for presents..
Hampton was all about some presents this year!


Hardin Cousins.  Love them.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Santa Came!!

The kids were so excited and appreciative.  "why did Santa bring me this?"  "how did Santa know I liked....."

It was so fun....I already can't wait for next year :-)  The magic and wonder of the season is contagious!!

Hampton's List:
1.Pete the Cat
2. Robot

Anne Lowry's List:
1.  Pink Mermaid
2.  Princess Candyland

First Looks...

"Look, he brought me what I wanted!!"

For memories sake:  This is the tree in Hampton's room.  He would take all the ornaments with his "name" on them from our big tree and go put on his tree :-)