Saturday, February 27, 2016

some from the hospital...and coming home

Headed home (Saturday) with our new bundle of love...

(everybody gave me grief over my "banner".  They thought I knew it was going to be a girl!  However, it was just a Valentine's decoration that worked perfectly!  It now adorns her crib :-)

Friday, February 19, 2016

It's a GIRL....Hollins Ramey


February 4, 2016
7lbs 6 oz

Bright and early Thursday morning.  We were so excited to finally meet this little bean.  Not knowing definitely made this part way more exciting.  Pretty sure I did not sleep more than 2 hours that night.

It's a....
Brent was the one who was going to announce boy or girl, so they get her out, and I'm looking at Brent to tell me what it was because I could not see from behind the curtain....well, it took him forever....he kept looking and looking, haha!  I was about to climb over the curtain and finally I was the first to say, "it's a girl?!"  And then Brent said, "It's a girl!"  I knew since it was taking him so long to tell it must have been a girl because I had been told that sometimes little girls can be swollen down there making it harder to tell.  Luckily Brent has all this on video too!!

She was the tiniest of all three of my babies.  I think she looked just like her daddy and Anne Lowry those first days in the hospital except she had BLACK hair.  

In LOVE, just smitten from the very first second (insert all the heart eye emoticons here)!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spoke too Soon (stitches)!

So, I thought my next post would be introducing our newest Hardin, however, Murphy and I are becoming good friends.  

Instead, I must document our first set of stitches.  Anne Lowry was in the playroom and fell off the pink hopper ball she got for Christmas.  Hit her chin square on the floor, nothing else.  I did not actually witness it but I can attest that it made a loud thud.  Of course, Brent was in surgery (so he was relaying messages to me) ended up being an all day affair.  And I have to brag on our sweet little girl.  She is so tough and a trooper.  I'm seriously thankful it was her and not Hampton....I'm afraid he would not have handled it as well :-)

I'm sure this won't be our last rodeo.

{viewer discretion advised}

Her sweet Daddy brought her some flowers.    

The next day....happy as a lark with her Frozen band aid.

Monday, February 1, 2016

39 weeks with Our little Tie Breaker!

Doing good....or should I say, Hanging in there!  I'm actually 39 weeks now and I would say I was trying to enjoy my last week/days being pregnant, because this is more for this womb!  However, I have a head cold that started Friday and there's not much enjoying going on :-)

On the pregnancy front...just feeling large and in charge and out of breath!
Trying to finish things up to prepare for this little person, however, all my good "nesting" was used up on getting ready and surviving Christmas and New it hasn't happened like I thought it would.  All my cabinets aren't organized, haven't decluttered enough, closets are hit or miss, wanted to do some more blog updates.....blah, blah blah!!

This was 37 weeks. Brent braided Anne Lowry's hair, she loved it and I was quite impressed with his skills!

Will the boys or girls "win?!"

Not going to lie, it is kind of starting to drive me crazy and I'm so ready to meet him/her....
The hardest part is that we haven't decided on a name and I'm stumped because I don't know if I'm naming a boy or girl.
It's also starting to affect my sleep....think Christmas Eve when you were a kid.  Not good, I need my sleep because I know what is coming!!

--In the beginning, I felt very strongly it was a boy.  However, for the last several months I've been thinking definitely a girl.

--I need to remind you guys that I am 0-2 in the guessing/motherly instincts regarding sex.  I thought Hampton was going to be a girl and I was certain Anne Lowry was another little boy!!  So according to's a girl?  See above, I think I'm trying to compensate for my history :-)

--All three of my pregnancies have been very similar in general.  The one difference between Hamp's and AL's pregnancies was acne.  With Hampton, my face was mostly clear and with Anne Lowry I had a lot more breakouts (they say girls steal your beauty :-). According to this, it's a boy.

--I'm liking both sweet and salty this pregnancy....more sweet as time has gone on....girl?

--Out of all my babies....this one has had the lowest heart rates.  Just yesterday, it was 128....boy?

--Chinese Calendar says girl.

--Anne Lowry has always been team pink and is adamant she wants a sister until recently and sometimes says boy now.  She came with me to my Dr.'s appointment the other day and while we were waiting she hugged my belly then said, "if it's a will still be cute!"   Hampton is a little more indifferent but says and wants a boy.  Although, just the other day he said that if its a girl he's going to "walk out the door."  Meaning run away, ha!  I said, "you love Anne Lowry, she's a girl."  He thought for a moment before saying he just didn't want a "baby girl."

--Random tidbit...have had way more heartburn this go round than with the other two....lots of hair?

I honest to goodness have no preference, I have pros/cons of each :-)...I just can't wait to meet and hold this sweet little baby in my arms!

Crazy to think the next post will be introducing the newest little Hardin :-)