Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spoke too Soon (stitches)!

So, I thought my next post would be introducing our newest Hardin, however, Murphy and I are becoming good friends.  

Instead, I must document our first set of stitches.  Anne Lowry was in the playroom and fell off the pink hopper ball she got for Christmas.  Hit her chin square on the floor, nothing else.  I did not actually witness it but I can attest that it made a loud thud.  Of course, Brent was in surgery (so he was relaying messages to me) ended up being an all day affair.  And I have to brag on our sweet little girl.  She is so tough and a trooper.  I'm seriously thankful it was her and not Hampton....I'm afraid he would not have handled it as well :-)

I'm sure this won't be our last rodeo.

{viewer discretion advised}

Her sweet Daddy brought her some flowers.    

The next day....happy as a lark with her Frozen band aid.

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