Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Whole Hand--All about Hampton at 5!

Hampton turned FIVE on March 22nd.  Such a fun age and birthday.  He couldn't wait to turn five like some of his buddies at school.  He also couldn't wait to open his presents.  Presents are definitely his love language :-)

Last night as a 4 year old

a present from everyone in the family :-)

He had a great day!  He woke up to candles, powdered donuts and presents.  Then Anne Lowry, Hollins and I took cupcakes to school for his class.  That afternoon he had his very first baseball practice (that is going to be a whole separate post.....cutest thing I have EVER seen.....little boy in baseball uniform, be still my heart).  Then he picked dinner at Firehouse Subs.  His party is this coming Saturday at the bowling ally.  I'm afraid I may have set the bar too high for all this birthday stuff?!?  Haha!

How old are you? Five 
Who is your best friend? Wade and Thomas and William  
What is your favorite thing to do? wrestle daddy
What is your favorite animal?  Cheetah, because he runs super fast
What is your favorite color? all the colors in the rainbow, not pink and purple
Favorite thing to wear?  Under armor shorts
Favorite Toy?  my power ranger Phyl bought me.
What is your favorite song? Yankee Doodle
What is your favorite thing to eat? Turkey and fish (no clue about fish)
Favorite thing to drink? Sprite and lemonade....and water and milk
What is your favorite book? Star Wars and Ninja Turtles
What is your favorite TV show?  Spider Man (we never watch this)
What is your favorite movie?  The Good Dinosaur
What do you want to be when you grow up?  a worker with daddy!
I just love you, that's it!

You have turned into such a  little BOY.  You love to wrestle, be outside, play in the dirt, all things superheroes/powerrangers etc., TV and iPad.  You have also really started to get into sports.  You have loved your first couple of baseball practises and really want to play tennis too (i think we will try that this Summer).  You are smitten with your daddy and the feeling is mutual....he is loving sharing his passion for Ole Miss, sports and all manly things with you!  You are also very competitive and everything is a race or competition.  Unfortunately, you are NOT a very good loser right now!  We are working on that :-)  You are doing great in school and love it.  I have been so impressed with everything you have learned.  You can spell and write your whole name and count to 100.  Numbers are your favorite!!  Y'all have even started to do addition and subtraction.  You are my easiest child by far and have been since day 1.  Thank you....because these girls are giving me a run for my money!  You are sweet, kind and naturally a people pleaser.  Don't get me wrong, you can push the limits and love to annoy Anne Lowry but overall you are a very easy going kid.  Your dad and I are so proud of you and love you with all our hearts.  I can't believe my baby is FIVE (I love this age by the way....still cuddly and not embarrassed to give your mom a hug or kiss and you love when we come to see you at school)!  I'm definitely soaking it up while I can.  XOXO, Momma

Funny things you have said:
"Let me think.  My brain says...."
If I ask: Who taught you that?  "My brain"

I can't remember if I documented this one....

I was driving Hamp to something a while back and a squirrel was in the middle of the road.  I said, "oh no, don't go that way little squirrel"  (he was turning back to go under my car).  And Hampton said, "what?"  And I said, "oh, I was just talking to that squirrel in the middle of the road."  In utter amazement Hampton said, "He can talk?"   HEHE!

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