Wednesday, March 2, 2016

First week home

Trying to do some catching up.

Paw Paw love

No words for this child

Aunt Jilly

Thrilled about Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Party :-)

Sweet Sleeping Baby

Anne Lowry LOVES her baby sister.  Bless her heart, AL was sick when Hollins was born so she did not really get to hold her a lot in the beginning.....notice we have Hollins bundled up trying to protect her from the germs!

The Princess Ball

Daddy with BOTH his Princesses!

The ONE and ONLY time Hampton has held Hollins.  He's not the biggest fan yet :-)

Pretty sure this is the only picture of all three....I'm not even worrying about it.  One day.....

Saying goodbye after a week :-(

Cousin Love
Getting some Aunt Cassey loving

Newborn sweetness...I could have all the babies in the world, if they stayed like this ;-)

Not a good picture but for documentation sake this was the morning of c-section.  39 wks 5 days.  Pretty sure without modern medicine I would be pregnant forever!

soaking it up

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