Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A future in the big leagues?!?

There may not be anything cuter than a little boy in a baseball uniform!

Note to self: need to get a belt for him.  
Confession: I totally missed his first at bat because they all look alike in their uniforms.

Coach Brent, he's pretty cute too!

Number 2 like his daddy was.

May be my all-time favorite picture of the boys to date.  Going to print this one off big :)

Best little cheerleader around.  She's just on a popcorn break at the moment.  Seriously, she has the biggest heart and LOVES cheering on her big brother.

Just along for the ride!

Perfect day at the park.

Hampton walked over to me after the game crying..... I said, "oh my gosh, what is wrong? are you hurt?"  And bless his heart, he just didn't want the game to be over, he wanted to keep playing!

He obviously got over it pretty quick when I told him there were snacks in the dugout ;-)

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