Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tiny Dancer

First recital in the books!!  

Anne Lowry LOVED every minute of ballet/tap/tumble this year and totally rocked her first recital.  She did GREAT and ate up the attention and being on stage.  She was front and center for all three routines.  Y'all dance is her thing {right now}.  If you come over we will have to show you all the video.  Precious!!  I need to document Anne Lowry did the best front roll I have ever seen.  Pretty sure other people gasped and said wow, haha!  Also, worth documenting....the fact that Caroline's lollipop broke at the end of one of the routines and her expression was hysterical....I literally had tears!  Last thing, Brent enjoyed it, although he went missing for a while ;-)

The official picture....

Tried to get some before the recital, however, it was a little bright outside and we were running a little late...

two and a half hours later, some tired little friends!!

It was a SPECIAL day for a very SPECIAL little girl!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hollins 3 Months

(a little late, but pictures and info are from 3 months exactly)

This little peanut has changed into my little angel baby!  Seriously, she could not be a better baby :-)  

She loves to smile (even laughs out loud a lot), will "talk to you," loves breastfeeding, watching ceiling fans and a bit of TV, baths, and chewing on her hands.  She has started noticing Anne Lowry and Hampton and thinks they are pretty great too.  Not a big fan of bottles but we are working on it!  Still sleeping in the rock n play beside our bed.  I know I should transition to crib but its just so easy and she's sleeping basically all we have a few vacations coming up and the rock n play is just so easy to travel with.
--Not sure how much she weighs
--size 3-6 mths and 6 mths
--no shoes yet
--size 1 diapers
--does not like tummy time and is not rolling over.
--had her first little cold right at the end of two months.  It's amazing she has been well until then....I hate when my babies are sick but it's so much worse when they are so little.  

and for the 3 month comparison picture ....

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Celebrating 8 years today....

Couldn't have picked a better guy to have in my corner.  Here's to 80 more!

Hard to believe we were partying in Mexico just one year ago.  Tonight we are going to dinner at 6 and will probably be asleep by 1015pm.  Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Love, Love!