Friday, July 29, 2016

Sweet Summertime

I cannot believe there is only one more week of Summer left.  Although I am looking forward to more of a schedule when school starts.....I am going to miss the "laziness" of Summer.  I will NOT miss all the extra hours of {AL and Hamp} fighting we have! 

We made these charts at the beginning of Summer and I have to say we have done a pretty good job of checking things off :-)  I think this will definitely be a tradition.  It has been fun and it keeps me motivated!

Since taking these pictures (a while back) we've also marked off...--Beach --Yayas  --Square Jr. --Playground  --Go to Movies --Golf (this was putt putt at the beach)  --campout in the den  --Memphis  --slip n slide   --invite a friend over

Currently on #78 .....I think we can, I think we can!!

Group pic of the cousins from last weekend.   <3 p="">

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Round 2 of Beach Pics

Baby Rushie!!  Love when he wears Hampton's old clothes.

Brent bought a new "contraption" thing that was quite a hit!  Besides a comfy also provided lots of laughs ;-)  

Hollins first trip to the beach was a success!  She was an absolute angel even all 14 hours in the car.  However, she definitely preferred the beach in the evening and not in the middle of the day.  Me too, Hollins!

Noah Bean

Anne Lowry prefers to play in the sand and at the waters edge.

Here is Brent torturing her....and I quote, "TAKE ME BACK TO SAFETY!!"

Laker Man

That's our hotel in the back ground, Bella Luna.  I would definitely recommend it.  It is bayside but an easy walk to the beach. 

Hampton is our little beach bum/fish!

Beach Siesta

Sunset on the final night!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Beach 2016

We just got back from a fantastic week down at the beach with my family.  We had great weather and a great set up.  I'm too sleepy to do a full post but I did want to get some pictures loaded.  I truly cherish the memories made....nothing like spending seven full days under the same roof with your WHOLE {immediate} family.  

It is crazy to me that my brother, sister and I are the grown-ups now......

Here's round 1...