Sunday, July 10, 2016

Round 2 of Beach Pics

Baby Rushie!!  Love when he wears Hampton's old clothes.

Brent bought a new "contraption" thing that was quite a hit!  Besides a comfy also provided lots of laughs ;-)  

Hollins first trip to the beach was a success!  She was an absolute angel even all 14 hours in the car.  However, she definitely preferred the beach in the evening and not in the middle of the day.  Me too, Hollins!

Noah Bean

Anne Lowry prefers to play in the sand and at the waters edge.

Here is Brent torturing her....and I quote, "TAKE ME BACK TO SAFETY!!"

Laker Man

That's our hotel in the back ground, Bella Luna.  I would definitely recommend it.  It is bayside but an easy walk to the beach. 

Hampton is our little beach bum/fish!

Beach Siesta

Sunset on the final night!

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