Friday, July 29, 2016

Sweet Summertime

I cannot believe there is only one more week of Summer left.  Although I am looking forward to more of a schedule when school starts.....I am going to miss the "laziness" of Summer.  I will NOT miss all the extra hours of {AL and Hamp} fighting we have! 

We made these charts at the beginning of Summer and I have to say we have done a pretty good job of checking things off :-)  I think this will definitely be a tradition.  It has been fun and it keeps me motivated!

Since taking these pictures (a while back) we've also marked off...--Beach --Yayas  --Square Jr. --Playground  --Go to Movies --Golf (this was putt putt at the beach)  --campout in the den  --Memphis  --slip n slide   --invite a friend over

Currently on #78 .....I think we can, I think we can!!

Group pic of the cousins from last weekend.   <3 p="">

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