Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hollins ~ 6 months

(We will just ignore the fact that I skipped 5 months, we are currently limping to Summer's finish line.  School starts tomorrow!)

6 months with our precious BROWN-eyed beauty!  Yes, pretty certain she is going to have brown eyes (maybe green?) like her daddy and I love it!
--a little unsteady but can sit up by herself (for short periods)
--just felt her first little tooth poking thru (bottom, middle)
--size 6 mth-9mths clothes
--hasn't worn shoes yet
--we finally tried some food, have done it twice now (pears then a few days later carrots).  she basically doesn't have any interest, and isn't very good at it.....think I'm going to wait a week before we try again.
--she will not "stand up" or put any weight on her legs.  slightly concerning, should i be concerned?! I'll see what the doctor says at her 6 mth check up later this month.  i'm putting her on her stomach a lot more.  she can roll both ways now.
--I'm going to go ahead and claim I made it 6 months exclusively breastfeeding.  Umm, go me!!  It has been the most precious gift my "last" one could have given me.  I really can't believe I did it.  All three of my "breast feeding" experiences have been soo different.  I probably should do a separate post just on this.  In the end, my whatever works best for YOU and YOUR family/baby.   When our babies get to Kindergarten you will not be able to pick who was breastfed and who wasn't.  Amen....Amen!
Back to feeding....Now, I'm actually trying to wean her.  We have several trips coming up and Hollins is staying with her Grandparents.  Luckily, she takes a bottle like a champ now and doesn't have a problem with formula so I think we are good....however, I just can't do it completely yet.  #1 It's my last baby  #2 It is so easy, especially in the middle of the night.  I suspect I will be done by the end of the month or it could get interesting, ha!  
--Takes about 3 naps a day.  Morning, afternoon, and a short one around 6ish.
--bedtime around 8, has started waking up about twice during the night (working on this) and then for good around 7ish.
--we transitioned from the rock-n-play to her crib a few weeks ago.  Was easy peasy thanks to the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit, haha!  
--size 3 diaper but moving to size 4 when we run out of 3s

had to document that bottom lip....this is her expression 75% of the time

Dear Hollins,
You are the sweetest, most laid back baby ever.  You may just be in shock from all the craziness (ahem, Hampton and Anne Lowry) going on around you.  But boy do they love you!  And, notice I said "they."  Hampton has fallen in love with you too!  He still doesn't want to hold you but  he is so proud when he makes you smile...which by the way, is not hard to do.   I honestly can not believe you are six months old.  You have completed our family and I can not put into words how much we love and adore you.  There are not enough kisses and squeezes for those cheeks and rolls.  You are pure perfection!

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