Wednesday, September 14, 2016

7 months

7 months old and still sweet as pie.

Seriously, the sweetest thing ever!

Hollins turned 7 months right before we left for Disney.  And we sure did miss this little nugget while we were gone but she did just fine (if not better :) with her Nina and Chappy.....and aunts/cousins etc!

I cannot get enough snuggles and squeezes from this Love Bug.  Luckily, she does not mind....but, on the flip side, she won't really let me rock her to sleep.  So, basically I snuggle her but she's really not a snuggler...if that makes sense? Ha!

I'd say she looks more like Anne Lowry and has more of Hampton's temperament when he was a baby.

enjoy the pics!
(Dress was mine when I was a baby)

I'm over it Momma!!

(I'll be back with some Disney posts....I still have not recovered)

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