Monday, September 26, 2016

a MAGICAL trip (Disney Day 1)

We truly had a magical trip.  So much so, that I can't even put it into words (I've been trying).  Anyway, I'm going to quit trying and just get this thing documented :-)

A few opening remarks....

*Ole Miss was playing their 2016 season opener against Florida State on Labor Day in Orlando....therefore, Brent was on board!
*Cassey and Mark basically got us a free place to stay.  Thankful that they didn't just hang up the phone!!
*Hampton and Anne Lowry were the perfect age (think MAGICAL and could function well without naps etc.) and height....(AL was 40inches which meant she could ride everything we could with two exceptions, Space Mountain and Mt. Everest.  Hampton was 44in which meant he got to ride those extra two.  He thought he was big stuff!!)
*Brent normally plans our vacations which I am so appreciative of....but I took the reigns on this one.  I mean everything.....reservations, fast passes, etc.  Thankfully, I had Cassey to collaborate with.
*And I've got to admit....I'm pretty proud!  Everything worked out as perfect as it could.
*Hollins stayed with Nina and Chappy....Dear Hollins, I know you will be tempted to give us grief that we did not take you this time, but really you need to be thanking your lucky stars that we did not drag you along for l.o.n.g days/nights in the heat.  Instead you got to enjoy uninterrupted naps and all the attention from your grandparents/aunts/cousins/etc..    You are welcome!  Now, you are allowed to give us tons of grief if we do not take you back for your turn, but do not be sad about missing this go round at 7 months old :-)   XOXO, Mama  P.S.  We are thinking 4 years long as you are 40inches tall is the perfect age ;-)

Okay, so our first day was HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS.  It was the perfect start to Disney World!  It was small enough we didn't feel overwhelmed....and not a ton of rides that we felt like we were rushing from one place to another.  We got there at 9am and left around 4pm.  Then we went back to the hotel (Marriott SeaWorld, we stayed here Sunday and Monday night)  and played at the pool/waterslides.  The kids and I ordered a pizza down at the pool for dinner and then went up to the room to watch the Ole Miss game on tv.  Brent went to the game which started at 8pm.  Kids were asleep by the time it started and I was asleep by halftime.

We ate a late lunch at Hollywood Vine and Dine and got to meet all the Disney Jr. characters while we stuffed our face because we were all starving.  As soon as we set down the bottom fell out of the sky and then quit by the time we were on dessert.  This was our best weather day.....overcast which actually made it pleasant and that one rain shower.
*I did not bring my camera this day so most are cell phone pictures!

Hotty Toddy!!

Hampton chickened out of "jedi training"  If this would have not been the very first day....he would have been all about it!

This was the Frozen Sing Along....This is the only thing the whole week that actually brought tears to my eyes and gave me chills as I was watching it with Hampton and know that moment that was worth all the money and sweat.  Kind of weird this was it, but it was!!!

Star Tours
This was the very first "ride" of our whole trip and poor Hampton was a little unsure going in.  He had been talking up a big game of riding roller coasters etc. so when this happened I thought it was going to be one long week :-)  Anne Lowry would always say she wasn't going to ride roller coasters etc.  (and I believed her since she didn't even like or want to ride small fair rides).  However, girlfriend was a champ and although a little hesitant at first she never missed a beat and did it ALL.    

Hollywood Vine and Dine

Headed back to the hotel.... a nap that lasted about 20 minutes :-)

Final thoughts/highlights that haven't been covered :-)

*Disney Jr. Live  (this was essentially a puppet show with mickey and friends....mine enjoyed it but another year or two and they would have been too old, I think.)
*We loved the Toy Story ride
*Brent and I both rode the Rock-N-Rollercoaster.  Awesome rollercoaster but the only one the whole week that made me feel whoozie.
*Wish we would have done Tower of Terror but the line was always too long.  Hampton would have done "tower of territory" by the end of the week, but it didn't even cross my mind for him to do it this day. 
*We also didn't get to see Beauty and the Beast show which I've heard is really good.
*The Voyage of the Little Mermaid was great and I'm so glad we rode The Great Movie Ride...this is one I hadn't planned on but we had time and Brent really wanted to do it.  Yay!

Whew.....and we still have 3 more days!

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