Wednesday, November 9, 2016

FOUR going on FOURTEEN!!

 Happy Birthday, Anne Lowry!!  Oh how we adore you.  Years one and two about killed me and I wasn't sure I would survive, but you are like a fine wine.....and just get better with age :-)  You are everything I hoped my daughter would be....confident, strong-willed, funny, caring, smart and are still a spitfire and a bit dramatic at times.  You are also the best big sister to Hollins and little sister to Hampton (although he can push your buttons like nobody else).  The biggest thing this year has been starting school and you LOVE it and are thriving! In fact, the teacher has told me that you could run the class if she wasn't there (I'm choosing to take that in a good way, ha)!

Height  40.3in
Weight  40lbs

This year we didn't have a party since we went to Disney World but we celebrated you all. week. long. Your birthday is special because it is 5 days after Granddaddy's birthday and 1 day before Paw Paw's and this year we got to celebrate with both!!  The weekend before your birthday Granddaddy, Phyl, Rose and Wynn came up (which btw, you asked for Rose to come spend the night for your birthday) and we blew out candles and went to the football game.  The next weekend we headed to Meridian to celebrate with Paw Paw and that side of the family.  You are one loved little girl!

How old are you? Four 
Who is your best friend? Lynlee and Browning  and Brooks
What is your favorite thing to do? play tiger family and people family
What is your favorite animal?  hippos and giraffes (no clue where this came from)
What is your favorite color? pink and purple and blue and gold
Favorite thing to wear?  all my clothes (she mostly prefers dresses and can be a battle some days)
Favorite Toy?  all my toys
What is your favorite song? Johnny the Appleseeds
What is your favorite thing to eat? fruitocracy (one of those applesauce squeeze pouch things)
Favorite thing to drink? orange juice and apple juice
What is your favorite book? don't have one
What is your favorite TV show?  Mickey Mouse
What is your favorite movie?  Aladdin
What do you want to be when you grow up?  Elsa

Anne Lowry says the funniest things!  Two examples from just the last 48 hours....

*Can you tie a bunch of balloons around me?  I want to swim in the sky!

**We woke up this morning and I asked Hampton and Anne Lowry if they knew who won the election and would be our next president.  AL immediately pipes up and says, "Donald Trunk."  I was shocked she knew and was like oh my gosh you're right etc.  Then she said,  "well, I guessed that because I didn't even know that girl's name."  

Maybe four going on thirty-four.  Pray for us!!

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