Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hollins ~ 10 months old

You are just a big lump of love.  Seriously! 

At 10 months...
22lbs (90%)
28in (59%)
46cm (92%)

I must document the three things everybody comments on:  1. Your bottom lip (stuck out).  2.  Your hair (that stands up) 3.  Your feet (that are just petite and pretty...I mean who doesn't love baby toes though)!
Wearing anywhere from 12-24 mth clothes
size 2 shoe (i think)
4 teeth (2 middle top and bottom)
I took her to her 9 mth check up and she had a bad ear infection.  Did not even know it!
Sleeping all night about 8-630
Naps morning and afternoon, occasionally a late afternoon nap.  The morning nap is usually always in car seat and the afternoon one is usually about an hour and a half 2-330p
Loves to play peek a boo, baths, singing Christmas tree in her room, clapping and family.
Babbling.  I'm claiming first word was Ma Ma.  Also says Ba ba (last night she said ba ba and reached for it) and Da Da.
Great eater.  Loves blueberries, bananas, yogurt, avocado, Ritz crackers.
Takes about 4 bottles a day.  6oz.
She is literally kind of a lump :-)....still not crawling (although trying to get up on all fours and can move backwards), not pulling up, but can stand up holding on to something.  I think half of this is her personality of being chill and the other is that I may have babied her a good bit....but I can't help it.  SHE'S MY BABY!!!  I am definitely trying to work on crawling though.  Hampton and Anne Lowry were both crawling, pulling up and cruising along furniture!  

Hampton wanted in on the action, I think it's safe to say....he has come around.

Welcome to Hollins world (surrounded by crazy)...

10 month comparison (I think she's a mix...that came out looking just like Anne Lowry with brown hair but has since started favoring Hampton more.  Everybody says she looks just like Brent, except Brent's mom!)

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