Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Santa Came 2016

Playing Santa may be my favorite thing about being a mom :-)  And these are the glory days where the "big" stuff doesn't cost that much...a big bang for your buck!!  Seriously, I love everything about Christmas....the solemn church services until Christmas Eve, especially the extra time with family and even that darn Elf (although, I will admit, our elf doesn't do much.  occasionally, on the weekends he might bring powder donuts or roll the christmas tree....every other night he just moves to another spot).  This year did not disappoint.  Truly magical.  Hollins loved the excitement and paper, her first Christmas in the books!

This is the first year that Santa had to be sneaky which really changed things up for me and made it more difficult.  There were also a lot more questions this year, I don't think I've ever told so many lies in my life.     

Hampton's List  (top 3)
1. rocket fishing rod
2.  basketball goal
3. Flip-a-zoo

Anne Lowry's List
1. Stuffed Rapunzel
2. Stuffed Rapunzel's Lizard 
3.  Flip-a-zoo

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