Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Brent had a Urology conference at Atlantis in the Bahamas last week so the big kids and I tagged along.   This is definitely the way to do conferences.....on an island, forget ever going to a conference in a boring city again, haha!!  

This place was amazing, crazy, massive.  We had a great time!  However, both Brent and I agreed that we probably would not be back until the kids were old enough to explore on their own and find their way back to us!  Also, it was February and the water was a little too cold for me, the kids didn't mind.   

The White-Zite's were there too.  If you remember, Wes helped train Brent in Knoxville and Nikki delivered both of our babies up there :-)  So good to catch up with them and their two boys.

Not sure why Hampton looks miserable!  But this was one of the few family photos!

They were not tall enough for the big waterslides but Brent and I did several of them and they were intense! 

The boats docked at the Atlantis Marina were amazing!

Whew!  Well, this was the last of the big trips for a while.   I've got one more special trip coming up in April and then I am planning on staying put for a year or at least taking all my kids with me wherever I go!!

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