Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Older Two


Baseball obsessed (he says "four square" is his next favorite sport)

Loves mint chocolate chip ice cream and cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

Learned how to ride a bike without training wheels back on Mother's Day this year.

Does not enjoy losing and we are working hard on how to do it gracefully (only applies at home, he was fine at his baseball games)

We finally decided that we want Hampton to do another year of Kindergarten....and I am 100% at peace with our decision.  He had a great year, however, reading has not come very easy for him and he was a little frustrated by the end of the year.  I think another year of Kindergarten is going to be great and do wonders for his confidence!!  

Hampton informed us the other day that he wanted to change his name.  To....Hamp.  Because it is only 4 letters and easier to write.  His baseball coached basically only called him Hamp this season.  I'm thinking by middle school, he will be Hamp.  I'm kind of digging it, if that is what he wants!


She's got emotions and feelings for's exhausting :-)

Loves twirly dresses and strawberry ice cream.

Favorite activity is gymnastics followed by ballet.  However, she just got done with Ole Miss soccer camp and she liked maybe my girly-girl will like sports after all?!

She's a great big sister and super helpful.

Does NOT need a nap.

A while back AL asked me if it was Christmas because we had a wreath (boxwood) on the door.
Me: No, it is kind of a Springy wreath
AL:  Well, nobody else has a wreath on their door.
Me:  Then we are just trendsetters.
AL:  So, we are not going to be the Hardin's anymore?

They can fight like cats and dogs but they do LOVE one another.  Oh, how I pray each night that they will always be close and there for each other (Hollins included) and realize what a treasure a sibling really is.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

More Hollins at 16 months!

Pretty sure this is my favorite age!!

At 16 months:
**Wearing size 2 clothes
**about 25 lbs
**size 5 shoe (but we never wear shoes)!
**size 5 diaper
**A LOT of teeth!
**Only word is that even a word?!  Can say ma-ma and da-da...but not really for us.  I guess this is the next thing we need to work on.  Hampton had about 5-6 at this point.  Maybe some speech therapy in our future :-/
**the cuddliest baby ever
**will reach and go to seeing her make random people's day when she does this (I don't mention she goes to everybody....and she will be reaching back for me in about 3 seconds ;-)
**does not/and has never cried when we leave her in the nursery or with a babysitter.
**Takes 2 naps a day.....but can skip the morning nap every once in a while.
**Sleeps all night in her crib, usually about 10-11 hours.
**We stopped all bottles about 13.5 months when I noticed she was kind of getting attached to her night time bottle.  So we just switched to a sippy cup of milk before bed.  I was a little sad about the last bottle, but I don't think she ever missed it....which is why I wanted to go ahead and drop it before she would have been upset about it.
**Loves: to give kisses, to push any button, light switches, balls, playing in any cabinet or drawer, baths, baby dolls/stuffed animals, yogurt, mandarin oranges, mac and cheese
**Dislikes:  diaper changes and when someone else sits in Momma's lap (this is hilarious.  if hampton or anne lowry are in my lap...she will come right over and start pushing them off).
**I do need to tell this little story.....I was worried about her right eye.  Like, maybe she had a lazy eye because in some pictures it looks I took her to the eye doctor and he did a full checkup and said everything was fine, but sometimes in "chunky" babies with a wide nasal bridge it can appear worse than it is?!
**The other thing I must document (because it happened last night too) is that she has pooped in the tub at least 6 times.  My other children did not do this (actually, Hampton may have done it once) and there is nothing I hate more.  After you get everybody (bc most of the time I throw all the kids in the bath together) out of the poop tub, you must get them to a shower and re do the whole bath and then spend the next 45 minutes disinfecting the tub.  Gross, Sorry Hollins, it's basically your only fault!!

Good thing you are sooooo cute :-)

Words cannot begin to explain how much we love you.  You are the perfect "baby".....content, chill, go with the flow, and joyful .  You also have some spice in there too.....and are not afraid to stand up to Hampton or Anne Lowry.  I just love watching your little personalty come out.  Basically, we adore and love everything about you.  I am trying my hardest not to let you fall victim to the third child --no pictures/blogs problem.  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

16 Months and Finally Walking

Girlfriend is on her own schedule.....and she is not in a hurry!!  

She is the baby and she knows it.  

I'm not complaining....I feel like she is giving me just enough extra time at each stage before we move on to the next and this momma heart is soo thankful!

Oh Hollins, WE LOVE YOU!
Seriously, I may be a little obsessed!!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pig Jam V (Memorial Day Weekend)

This is the FIFTH year of Pig Jam .....can you believe it?    What a wonderful way to kick off the Summer....

Enjoy the pictures.  All taken by the awesome, multi-talented Chris Hebert....our famous neighbor in Knoxville!