Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Older Two


Baseball obsessed (he says "four square" is his next favorite sport)

Loves mint chocolate chip ice cream and cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

Learned how to ride a bike without training wheels back on Mother's Day this year.

Does not enjoy losing and we are working hard on how to do it gracefully (only applies at home, he was fine at his baseball games)

We finally decided that we want Hampton to do another year of Kindergarten....and I am 100% at peace with our decision.  He had a great year, however, reading has not come very easy for him and he was a little frustrated by the end of the year.  I think another year of Kindergarten is going to be great and do wonders for his confidence!!  

Hampton informed us the other day that he wanted to change his name.  To....Hamp.  Because it is only 4 letters and easier to write.  His baseball coached basically only called him Hamp this season.  I'm thinking by middle school, he will be Hamp.  I'm kind of digging it, if that is what he wants!


She's got emotions and feelings for's exhausting :-)

Loves twirly dresses and strawberry ice cream.

Favorite activity is gymnastics followed by ballet.  However, she just got done with Ole Miss soccer camp and she liked maybe my girly-girl will like sports after all?!

She's a great big sister and super helpful.

Does NOT need a nap.

A while back AL asked me if it was Christmas because we had a wreath (boxwood) on the door.
Me: No, it is kind of a Springy wreath
AL:  Well, nobody else has a wreath on their door.
Me:  Then we are just trendsetters.
AL:  So, we are not going to be the Hardin's anymore?

They can fight like cats and dogs but they do LOVE one another.  Oh, how I pray each night that they will always be close and there for each other (Hollins included) and realize what a treasure a sibling really is.

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