Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Hampton was so excited to finally lose a tooth!  He had been wiggling one for a little over a week....and then I noticed his permanent one was coming in behind his baby tooth.  So, a quick text to Aunt Cassey, DMD, and she said his baby tooth needed to come out "now."   I told Hampton.....and that kid did a few wiggles and then ripped the tooth out.  Both of our eyes got big as saucers, blood started pouring and I waited for the freak out :-)  Y'all.....his initial shocked reaction turned straight to pure joy and pride. And this Momma is just thankful that it was a bottom he's still got his pretty, "baby" smile..... for a little while at least.

Of course, I had to document it with some pictures.

The tooth fairy got excited about his first tooth and bought him a golden coin, half dollar, 2 dollar bill, $5 and $1.  We also left a cup of water by the bed to see if the fairy would dip her wing in it to show her color (i have no clue where I got this idea from, but he LOVES it).  It turned green this time!

My {first} Baby is growing up!

**side note:  being tooth fairy is far trickier than Santa....digging around under someone's pillow while they sleep....who came up with that???

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