Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Deep Sea Fishing (Hamp's first time)

**Last beach post!

My Dad takes us deep sea fishing each Summer during our week at the beach.  I actually hadn't been in forever because I always stay behind and help with the little kids....but this year was the first trip for Hampton and Lake and I did not want to miss it!!  Hampton was nervous at first (typical) but I think you can tell from the pictures he ended up loving it.  Lake did too!  It was a great trip with a wonderful captain and deckhand...and bonus, nobody got sick!  So thankful for my dad and this experience!

early morning sunrise pictures...

thank goodness for coffee!

love this pic of my dad and his {grown up} babies....except the fact that he is wearing a MSU shirt.  pretty sure he was wearing it bc he knew it was going to get dirty :-)

first stop...catching some bait

the little boys were so cute!

Happy Daddy!

So much fun watching him grow and do new things....he's got me wrapped around his little finger!

the "big one" that got away!

Winner, Dinner!

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