Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hollins' First Day MMO (18 Months)

Oh Hollipop, WE LOVE YOU and your 18 month old self!!  Pretty sure this is my favorite age of all I've experienced yet :-)
You are so much fun and oh so sweet.  Your personality is really similar to Hampton at this age.  Very easy going and chill.  You are also very social (probably my most social at this age) and have loved school.  You go two days a week from 9-2 (but I always pick you up about 1:15 bc there is basically no chance they are getting you to nap there and I know you have to be tired...which is perfect, because I would rather you nap at home).  The first two days I dropped you off... you clung to me and cried when I left, but quit by the time I was out the second door :-)   After that you started walking right in and will give me a kiss bye.  I love your little brave self!   
At 18mths:
wear a size two 
size 5.5 shoe
started talking a bit more, still not a talker.  some words:  mama, daddy, ta-ta (thank you), Nene (for Nina),bye-bye, apple, help me, stop, up, woof (for dog), cluck (like a chicken)....probably a few more I can't remember.  Speech here we come??
Loves:  remote controls, outside, balls, baby dolls, pushing baby strollers, light switches, baths, school and her family
Dislikes:  TV....I can't really think of anything else besides being told no and when Hampton and AL bother her! 
Mostly one nap a day for about 2 hours.  Bedtime 730p most nights and sleeps til 7-8am.
Favorite foods:  mandarin oranges, bowl of cheerios w/milk (just like big kids), pouches, strawberries, blueberries, butter beans, yogurt.
I just want to eat you with a spoon you are so snuggly and my favorite time is rocking before bed.  Every night, when I go to put you in bed you point to the rocker....I know you are just trying to delay bedtime but I am more than happy to spend a few extra minutes rocking and singing to you.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day.  You are the best baby in the world.  XOXO, Mama

Obligatory first day pics (however, my lens started out foggy).  Boo!

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